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Reference Check

How can one assess the efficiency of a new potential employee? Are all submitted documents good enough? Has he/she actually performed or was he/she been recommended to find a new position? How much responsibility has he/she had? Which fields has he/she been responsible for?

We will find it out for you and will make sure that you are spared from unpleasant surprises.

We obtain references of the candidate, providing you with well-founded information about his/her background. We operate very discreetly and support you in taking decisions, filling in key positions with the best candidates.

Our service is addressed only to the candidates who apply themselves. The evaluation of candidates we search for directly before our recommendation is evidently inclusive.


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Service Level Manager
IT – Umfeld Logistik

Gesucht wurde ein Logistiker mit tiefen Kenntnissen im ITIL Umfeld…

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