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Executive Search

You will get the best employees only by direct contact.

The fulfilment of corporate tasks and requirements generates high workload on employees. In order to use the performance potential of specialists and executives, these often have to work very long hours.

Time is exactly what top employees do not have. In order to fulfil their wish for reorientation, service providers use a very efficient way. Direct contacts and individual networks! The probability that searching companies will find their ideal candidates through advertisements is consequently small.

We are specialised in contacting top employees, drawing their attention to alternative positions and business environments and motivating them for a change. This saves time and leads to a high quality in personnel.


Case Studies

Leiter Geschäftkundenvertrieb
Energie – Umfeld Strom und Gas

Intensive Vertriebserfahrung, umfangreiche Kontakte sowie ausgeprägte Führungskompetenzen…

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