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Our Philosophy

Personnel recruitment means made-to-measure work to us. We examine candidates not only on their professional and personal skills, but we also consider the company’s cultural aspects.

The individual competency of our consultants is basis of our consulting services. They are dedicated, operate dependably and are reliable in the evaluation of candidates.

In the field of personnel development, our coaches have extensive leading experience and assist individuals as well as company divisions.

We elicit the contexts and backgrounds of problems in development and change processes in order to understand their causes and take proper actions to remediate them.

Our coaches operate not only success-oriented but also see themselves as sparring partners and idea contributors.

We feel responsible!

It doesn’t matter how complex, difficult or challenging the task may be. Once we accept it, we commit ourselves to your success. This implies leaving the beaten tracks and the well-known structures.


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Senior Key Account Manager
IT – Umfeld Business Process Management

Ein Vertriebsprofi mit hervorragenden Kontakten wurde gesucht…

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